Thursday, December 05, 2013

J.Crew Stadium-Cloth Duffle Coat -- How to Clean

I can literally go mad at how cruddy dark coats look when they are covered in fuzz, hair and everyday crap it picks up

For my J.Crew Stadium-Cloth Duffle coat in Navy, I've tried every trick under the sun --- lint rollers, old fashion lint brushes, duct tape, clear tape, the sweater stone thingamajig...

They either just plain didn't work, or it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to remove an extraordinarily minimal amount of lint.  

Until, I tried....the Evercare MAGIK Lint Brush.
Ha..such a gimmicky name!
 Quick, easy, effective. 

Now I can direct my OCD on something else.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

J.Crew Everly Cap Toe Pumps - Review of Sorts

I needed a filler for my order of hats for an upcoming (TROPICAL!) trip, so I included J.Crew's Everly cap toe pumps with patent bow (goodness, that is a mouthful) into the cart.
 Jcrew Everly cap toe pumps with patent bow - black suede Review photo IMG_5106_zps1d305c78.jpg 
Ordered in a size 8, it was a perfect fit.
Made out of suede with a patent cap, I expected the cap-toe to be more brilliant/reflective as shown on the site. In real life, it is more subdued -- I would say it is more brass/bronze than gold.

They are comfortable enough, and are definitely lady-like chic

I still wasn't completely bowled over -- there was just something that I wasn't satistifed with. I had my Manolo Blahnik BB's out at the time and made the mistake had the insight to compare the two.

Manolo Blahnik BBs vs JCrew Everly photo IMG_5109_zps90436186.jpg

The Everly is about a 1/2 inch shorter than the BB's...and my, what a difference that 1/2 inch makes.
(Side by side, it is apparent that the suede on the Manolos is superior to the JCrews)

Jcrew Everly cap toe pumps with patent bow - black suede photo IMG_5115_zps8c6ced68.jpg Manolo Blahnik BBs in blue suede photo IMG_5117_zpsad3d0d28.jpg

Additionally, the cut in the front is different - lower on the Everly than the BB's.

J.Crew Everly:

Manolo Blahnik BB's:

 photo d0020041-08c9-40fa-8497-254a917fee14_zpsf0af33b8.jpg  Manolo Blahnik BBs in blue suede photo 94e4bf15-b696-43c0-b0e4-d9e046aca0c5_zpsb881ac72.jpg

I don't know about you, but when I wear heels, especially those that can be categorized as special-function shoes, I expect the shoes to provide me with the illusion that my legs are better than what they are (tone, length, etc - although granted, they have a LOT to work on, seeing as my legs are essentially tree stumps)

The Everlys simply do not check the boxes on those criteria. But to be fair, they are a TON more comfortable than the BB's (and not to mention a ton more comfortable on the purse strings).

Sadly, I do believe in the saying "no pain, no gain".

So....for those who are not as masochistic as I am, the Everlys are beautiful shoes that are comfy, well made and definitely chic. For those who prefer to have a sleeker looking silhouette, and don't mind the toe-pinching, foot-numbing pain, then by all means, the BB's it is.

Friday, October 04, 2013


Every once in a blue moon, I like to dress a little tarty girly just to see if there would be a difference in the way people interacted with me

And nothing like a (very) close fitting skirt that makes one's hips even more thunderous va-va-voom than normal (peplum is the enemy sometimes) that does the job

 photo a0446d7e-e469-4400-bf4b-19a9f4ab9625_zpse604d0cb.jpg
T-Shirt - Forever 21
Skirt - Club Monaco
Shoes - J.Crew Cap Toe Etta pumps

On a slightly review-ish note, I took the Etta pumps in my usual 8.5 and now that I've actually worn them quite a bit, I do feel that they may be a little big for a truly comfortable fit. Perhaps they stretched, being leather and not patent. I think I will stick to 8.5 for patent shoes, but consider a size 8 on the softer leather.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Disheveled Prep

I love my shirts 

 photo 61f50fae-0391-4ce6-a329-498631b8f0d4_zpsc24292b6.jpg

Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Chanel
Bag - Cambridge Satchel Company 11" Classic in Navy
Necklace - H&M

Monday, September 09, 2013

Cambridge Satchel Company 11" Classic Satchel - Review of Sorts

It has been awhile (to me at least) since I last purchased a bag.

This year, I succumbed to the Cambridge Satchel Company's 11" Classic Satchel in Navy.

Cambridge Satchel Company 11 inch Classic Satchel in Navy review photo IMG_4625_zps80204549.jpg

It didn't do terrible things to my credit card and I have been lusting after it for awhile ever since J.Crew started offering it in their Crewcuts collection.
(Yes, I do pour over the Crewcuts catalog because sometimes - a lot of times - those kids dress a lot better than I do)

My bag collection lacks a small sling-on bag that I can use for quick trips around town, or for occasions where I need both hands free so I can ride on amusement park rides without hindrance.

The Chanel mini was suppose to fill that void, but let's be heart will break if it got scratched, stained or squished out of shape while we hurtle down the track on a roller coaster. 

It arrived from England less than a week after ordering, which I thought was impressive.

Cambridge Satchel Company Classic Satchel 11 inch navy review photo IMG_4628_zpsdcf92b2b.jpg

It is made out of somewhat stiff leather to give it its structure, with buckles to hold the bag close, and an adjustable leather strap. The Navy is a beautiful dark blue that looks black, depending on the lighting.

The exterior measures roughly-roughly about 11"x7.5"x2.25"

The satchel vs the Chanel Square Mini:

Cambridge Satchel Company 11 inch Classic vs Chanel Mini photo IMG_4642_zps1433f9ac.jpg

The satchel vs the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

Cambridge Satchel Company 11 inch Classic vs Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM photo IMG_4643_zps07beda9f.jpg

The interior main pocket measures roughly-roughly around 9.5" in length and 1.25" in width (at the seams. It is about 2.75" at the widest point in the middle of the bag)

Here is what I can fit in the bag -- not a good idea to use a long wallet in this bag, as it took up 90% of the available space ...I guess I just have to shop around for a small wallet =D

What can fit in Cambridge 11 inch classic satchel photo IMG_4670_zps85ccfbe9.jpg

And because I found it amusing to try and see what can fit in the main interior, here are some normal everyday items that you may have lying around the house:

Two 16.9 fl oz water bottles
(laying on its side, on top of each other)

What can fit in Cambridge 11 inch classic satchel photo IMG_4678_zps06afb460.jpg

The paperback version of Eclipse from the Twilight series
(This was a rather tight fit. New Moon would work better as a perfect fit)

What can fit in Cambridge 11 inch classic satchel photo IMG_4673_zps08777090.jpg

And if you have kids, three beanie babies...

What can fit in Cambridge 11 inch classic satchel photo IMG_4674_zps51a99d29.jpg

On me:

 photo 3145dcb9-42f2-473c-9176-848fcb7c5d12_zps42dc9c96.jpg

For reference, I am 5' 3.5", roughly about 115 lbs

 photo c7a6113f-4f4d-4320-973e-0b611fd74df4_zps9813667a.jpg

- It is structured, giving a more put-together appearance to outfits
- Handmade in England, it is beautifully put together
- The leather is smooth and of good quality
- Adjustable strap that allows for cross-body positioning, or as a shoulder bag -- I suppose the straps could be tucked in so that it can be carried as a clutch, especially for non-petites.

- The bag is held closed with buckles so it can be time-consuming to open and close the bag
- The stiff leather that gives the bag its structure also makes for a very constraint opening. One has to be very precise in putting things in the interior for it to fit, therefore making it challenging to get things out in a hurry. I am hoping that with use, the leather would soften slightly and make this easier.
- Because I am vertically challenged, I would like it if there were more holes available to shorten the straps (at its shortest, it is way too long for my 4 year old -- I wonder if the Crewcuts version is adapted for kids)

Just as I am writing this post, I see that they have introduced a Mini version, at a mere 8.5" across. I did mutter an oath under my breath, but upon further reflection, I realize that while aesthetically, it would be perfect; functionally - it would be lacking, in an extreme sense

The main Cambridge Satchel site is also having a 10% off sale on certain items to celebrate back to school (the 11" classic included...grrr....), with free worldwide delivery. Use code "STUDENT2013" at checkout

Hope this is helpful to anyone who stumbles upon this post, looking for information

Thursday, September 05, 2013

J.Crew on the Cheap: Denim on Denim

Save on the clothes, splurge on the shoes

Manolo Blahnik BBs in Copper, J.Crew dupe, J.Crew on the cheap photo 6446bb44-34ac-454b-8427-33bc25c75c09_zpsa6c7e007.jpg

Shirt - Old Navy Classic Chambray Shirt in Dark Chambray
Jeans - Forever21
Necklace - H&M
Shoes - Manolo Blahnik BBs in Copper patent

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Back to Basics: Invest in Classic Bags and Shoes

Collecting handbags is an expensive hobby
(And one that I don't dabble with much anymore)

Which is why I tend to buy only the classics. 

Sure, Chanel has lots of fun way-out-there bags, from bubblegum pink to crystal studded goodness...but seriously, if it is to "last me a lifetime and then some", said bag has look appropriate on me when I am shuffling around with the aid of a cane

Nothing more ridiculous than trying to look like a chick when one is almost to chicken heaven. 

Chanel Cerf in black caviar; Chanel cap toe ballerina flats in beige photo 512b0c75-44c5-4a8f-ae31-13d3ce2f5bfb_zps9b6fb59b.jpg

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Chanel Ballerinas
Bag: Chanel Cerf 

I am very proud of finally getting around to potting some plants...which is why I am outside

Sunday, September 01, 2013


Visited the city yesterday for a show, and went into Saks prior

And totally succumbed to an impulse purchase

Chanel Ballerines in Beige 51225

Only to find the SAME EXACT copy of the shoes in J.Crew 

Without the coveted double C's, obviously.

But still...

Both are made of leather (soles, upper and lining), both are made in fact, I took out my Chanels at the J.Crew store and held it side by side.....they looked identical.

But for the price. The Kiki's are a mere quarter of the price (with their frequent 30% off codes and discounts, they would end up 1/6 of the price...!!!!!!!) of the Chanel.

Whack me on the head and call me a sucker. Because I am keeping my new babies. Because they are gorgeous, classic and freaking Chanels (yes, I am a total label whore. I admit it)

But I will probably end up getting the black with beige cap-toes from J.Crew eventually, when they go on sale (as most things from J.Crew usually do -- at a regular basis)

Sizing on Chanel: I got them in an 8.5, which is my regular size in J.Crew shoes.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Jolly Green Pants

There is something about flowy clothes that have the ability to make one look taller and slimmer.

 photo 68afef18-04b2-45db-9c0a-96a03334479a.jpg 
And what on earth is hanging around my neck? Oh, only my most favorite-est scarf at the moment...

Wait, it's a scarf. 

No, a shawl!
 photo 84d6d53a-397b-4ada-a39c-5d3e96e68eda.jpg 
Works excellent as a blanket too.

Even a skirt, or a dress, if one gets creative.

Love it.

Tank - H&M
Pants - Saint Grace
 (anyone remember these? The totally in-thing from perhaps 6 years ago. All because Jessica Simpson wore them. She had some great style back in those days)

Scarf - American Apparel Unisex Circle Scarf
Wedges - Aldo
Bracelets - Forever21 

Monday, July 01, 2013

Back to Basics: Navy V-Neck Sheath

Was going through my camera and clearing out the card when I came across these set of pictures that was taken eons ago, when my daughter and I went for the Nutcracker 
(or in real-time speak, about 7-8 months ago)

Jcrew wool crepe vneck dress in Navy, Miss Albright Cabochon heels in blue suede from Anthropologie photo e4557ac3-13d5-4845-b9c1-0de611e016ae.jpg

One of my favorite purchases from fall/winter last year from J.Crew
(Although it did end up going on sale at the store a few months after I bought it...the good thing is that I've worn it quite a bit which help lessen the blow. Dang you, J.Crew)

Jcrew wool crepe vneck dress in navy photo 439b956d-4ae7-4b40-9fc0-cf132ab694fb.jpg

A simple, classic look that is made slightly more glamorous with a little detailing on the shoes...

I have to say, I quite like that makeup look on me...That is probably one of my most flattering reds (Covergirl Outlast in Timeless Ruby, I do believe)
Dress - J.Crew Wool Crepe V-Neck dress in Navy
Belt - Ann Taylor
Tights - ??
Shoes - Miss Albright Cabochon pumps in Blue Suede (from Anthropologie)


Monday, June 24, 2013

REVIEW: J.Crew Cropped Matchstick Jeans in Thistle Print

I have been missing for awhile now, due to uninspired clothing combinations and just general laziness.

But I was in the vicinity of a J.Crew last week while traveling for work in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and with the lack of better things to do in the evenings, went to explore.

And tried on these pants because they looked cute and were on sale for $39.99 + additional 30% off.
(Retail price of $135, online sale price of $89.99 -- which leads me to the thought of NEVER buying anything from the online site unless it is from their staple collection - i.e. navy schoolboy blazer - which never goes on sale, or unless you are desperate and can't find it anywhere else)

Back to the pants -- I proceeded to be amazed at how flattering they are considering the fact that I have issues with pants that flatter in general (short, stumpy legs --- there's only so much one can do for them, short of cutting them off and replacing with more...leggy versions) and for them to be white AND flattering -- IT could only mean one thing - SOLD!

They are cheery, fits true to size, does not stretch out to give you a saggy bum at the end of the day and I felt like I have managed to fake the look of somewhat-skinny thighs without having to resort to a solid month of yoga. They are "cropped", which to "normal people" like me, meant that they are ankle length and therefore won't have to go through the hassle of hemming.

JCrew cropped matchstick in Thistle Print photo ebb89c85-50e4-4b38-a999-723647bf0f23.jpg

Plus the print also serves as a camouflage if your lunch happens to splatter all over you.

Disclaimer: Please don't expect my legs to look like Gisele's..or even like the model picture from J.Crew's website above (who I actually think needs to consume a bar of Green & Black's milk chocolate in one sitting...everyday...for a whole month) 

When I say flattering and skinny thighs as it relates to me, it means that I don't look like a squat troll who consumed a bar of Green & Black's milk chocolate in one sitting...
Every day...
For a whole month.

(Now I am feeling self-conscious and riddled with self-doubt, dammit)

Shirt - H&M
Pants - J.Crew cropped matchstick jeans in Thistle print
Wedges - Banana Republic

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mystery Box and Skylark

Blush May Mystery Box 2013 photo IMG_20130522_200118.jpg'

I succumbed to yet another beauty box subscription -- the Blush! Mystery box is a lot more expensive than Ipsy, but has substantially more products.
(picture missing one product that came in the box -- a deluxe sample of B.Kamins BB Cream)

So far, I absolutely love it
   photo d38366f5-7275-4c76-972c-822d1b684cc5.jpg

Pencil skirt again

With my blush! Mystery box goodie (Skylark nailpolish in Jelly Shot) and the very chic GCC pedometer (which has gone through quite a lot of adventures in the past week--- including being dunked into the toilet)

One of the full size products in the May Mystery box is the newly released Skylark Nailpolish set in Wild and Free -- the line is by YouTube beauty gurus, Elle and Blair Fowler (Elle being one of my Youtube beauty guru favorites - love her!)

About the product:

"Inspired by the hottest trends of 2013, Skylark by Elle and Blair Wild and Free Mini Nail Lacquer Set offers 4 fabulously chic shades perfect for spring and summer! From muted tangerine and lavender to mint green, pale grey and opaque nude-pink, these fashion-forward polishes will add the perfect touch of flair to any outfit. Even better, they promise a smooth finish that's resistant to streaks and chips"

I don't know about being resistant to streaks ---- I had to use about 5 coats (2 thin, 3 thick) to get to a finish that was smooth and opaque. However, the drying time is ri-dun-ku-lous! I lost track of how many manicures I've botched because I got impatient  -- these dry within a minute, even with multiple thick coats. So it was definitely not a painful experience at all. 

As for being resistant to chips -- it survived pretty well after a vigorous cleaning session in the kitchen last weekend, so I am pretty impressed with it.

The price point is slightly too high, though, in my opinion -- I would never have bought this on my own. But include it in my subscription box that cost less than the listed retail price for the nailpolish? I am there!

Shirt - J.Crew Perfect fit Tee
Skirt - J.Crew no.2 Pencil skirt in double-serge cotton (2012 color)
Shoes - Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pumps
Bracelet - Forever21 necklace

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back to Basics: Pencil Skirt

If I had to choose an outfit that feels the most "me", this would be it.

 photo 9744958f-5071-4e5d-9886-973dd470f1a8.jpg  

Sweater - Topshop
Skirt - J.Crew No.2 pencil skirt in double-serge wool
Shoes - Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps in Black Patent
Earrings - Forever21

J.Crew No.2 Pencil skirts are one of the many items that I like to hoard  collect  wear. The most flattering/well-cut version for me are the double-serge wool skirts.

And always with a fitted top -- because baggy tops that don't stay tucked in makes me cranky.

And of course, pumps. 
Patent, preferably. 

Although if it comes with a red-sole, I'll "tolerate" basic leather ;)


Monday, May 20, 2013

I Ran Out of Clean Clothes =)

Well, not really. But it is a throwback to the last words from my review of the shirt

I dislike wearing baggy/non-form-fitting tops with skirts that do not keep the top tucked in tight. 
This is an example.
Jcrew faded chambray popover, double serge pencil skirt photo image-12.jpg

Makes me feel sloppy especially when the shirt pulls out more than the 1.5 inch that I like
 (I am being facetious here, but you get the idea - there's a line where it transitions from perfectly laid-back baggy to tuck-your-shirt-in, you-slop!)

Jcrew faded chambray popover, double-serge pencil skirt photo image-11.jpg

Shirt - J.Crew Faded Chambray Popover 
Skirt - J.Crew No.2 pencil skirt in double-serge  cotton (last year's color)

Sandals -Mossimo "Falk" from Target
(totally do NOT get this because the cotton striped soles - which was the reason why i got them. Can't say no to stripes -got super dirty quickly)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Back to Basics: Robble, Robble

 photo image-13.jpg

It's no secret that I love stripes.
And that I veer towards classic neutrals like black and white.

Which made me realize that I am channeling the Hamburglar in fashion choices. 

image via here

Note to self: Get wide brimmed hat. No point doing things halfway ;)

Dress - Mossimo Knit Maxi from Target
Sandals - Aldo
Necklace - J.Crew

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hot Pink Tassels!

As mentioned here, I did indeed stop by Old Navy to check out their selection of chambray shirts. 

It is a no-go.
The colors are too blue, similar to the J.Crew Keeper Chambray. And the sizing...I forget that I have a hard time with Old Navy sizing. 
The smallest size just doesn't fit right (too big in some areas, slightly too short in others)

However...the girls' XL is a good fit =) 

So much for trying to dress more appropriately for my age

 photo 65e94e52-bed5-43e3-adf2-26374d8dfd36.jpg

Dress - Old Navy Girls Tassel-Sleeve Dress
Sandals - Target

Friday, May 10, 2013

Java Tunic

I am glad to be able to throw on a tunic dress and go

Consistent with sizing for J.Crew tunics, this is a 00. I was positively drowning in my normal size 0.

 photo 1de25463-d694-4ebb-abc8-d4443b874d1f.jpg

Dress - J.Crew Java Tunic
Wedges - Aldo
Bangles - Forever21

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Back to Basics: White Denim

It is ironic how "cropped" pants are ankle length on me. 

I found out during a recent health checkup that I am apparently 5'3" rather than 5'4". I have shrunk an inch, when I can hardly afford to lose any!
Oh, the trauma to my poor delicate nerves!

And white jeans tend to make my bottom half shorter and dumpier than they usually do.
One would think that I would learn...

But I love the idea of white denim. So I shall just have to continue visualizing long, lean legs.
And avoid looking at reflective surfaces.

Turtleneck - Gap
Jeans - J.Crew cropped matchsticks
Wedges - DV for Target

Monday, May 06, 2013

Back to Basics: Simple Striped Knit Dress

 photo ae031dd7-023c-4de2-9b4d-a69c9a096325.jpg 
I found my pull-on and go dress, and I anticipate wearing it a lot (assuming it does well in the wash)

It has stripes, it is composed of neutral colors, it is soft and so comfortable, and it doesn't make me look like I am fresh out of college. 

It's a win-win-win-win. 

And the other win is that it only cost $18 

 Jacket - Mike & Chris
Dress - Forever 21
Shoes - J.Crew Valentina in Dusty Jade

Friday, May 03, 2013

J.Crew Chambray Shirts - Review of Sorts

I've been on a low-buy so far this year for fashion related items. I have been limiting my purchases, and when I do buy something, I try to get items that will get a lot of wear. As much as I love a twirly, lacey party frock, I really don't go anywhere to wear it to....Getting all dolled up for my monthly Costco run seems a tad fancy...

I've been wanting to get my hands on a chambray shirt for awhile, and recently, I saw that J.Crew had a 30% off discount code for cardmembers via Gigi's blog. So yay!

I ordered two to compare and contrast

JCrew Keeper Chambray Shirt photo dc32f9e2-fee4-4e5b-a675-58a559e53d5e.jpg

The pros:

- The fit is good and is true to size.
- The material is substantial, but not too thick, like some of the shirts I found in Forever21
(although, in their defense, those were denim shirts)

JCrew Keeper Chambray Shirt photo 58919b88-78d8-47e0-a515-c9d57e8f5be4.jpg

The not-so-pros:

- The color is slightly too blue for what I was looking for
- The button on the arm of the sleeve looks a tad funny to me when the sleeves are let down
- And it looks silly to me anyway when the sleeves are buttoned up -- I think the material is a tad too thick to be able to have it buttoned up like that, and look like it was nonchalantly done
 (which is how I like it to look -- I'm a female -- I want what I want, and exactly when and how I want =p)
  photo 93cdda20-66a8-4e9d-bb18-9947e67a15e6.jpg 

Overall, not too terrible, but the buttons were a deal breaker for me. It is going back to the store

Hahaha...nerd alert!

JCrew Faded Chambray Popover photo 18f5f9ba-e2ab-4ac7-be53-a3091fff4308.jpg
The pros:
- The fit is not bad, and it is true to size
 (was slightly worried that it would be too small as I like my shirt slightly looser, but it is fine -- I won't say no if there's an inch extra around the hips, but that's just me being lazy and not following up on my yoga)
- I like the color -- it is a pale...well...faded blue. Just like the name implies =)
- The material is substantial enough

The not-so-pros:

- The buttons are cheap. Feels cheap, looks cheap. May even be on the verge of popping off
- It is a popover. Not as versatile as a buttoned down shirt
I prefer this over the Keeper shirt, but I am not quite sure it is worth the $. (See? I am being conscientious with my money this year!Oh, how I am growing up!) 

I may pop over to Old Navy to see what they have to offer. Until then (or until I run out of clean clothes to wear), this is on the "maybe" pile.