Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Warming Up!

The weather is finally warming up here in New England. It's nice to be able to play round with sleeveless tops and shorts again. 



Although I really have to start working on toning my arms and using self-tanner lotion! 

Retail Therapy

It's no big secret that when I'm feeling down, I shop. I have my ex-husband to thank for my initiation into the world of Hermes and Louboutins. There's a silver lining in every cloud right?

I've been trying to find different avenues to cheer myself up - working out being one of them. Mostly because being a single mom of moderate means doesn't really allow for splurges throughout the whole year.

Top, Jeans: Forever 21. Shoes: Juicy Couture

But when the situation is dire, and shopping is necessary, and I really don't want to break my budget, I go to Forever21. It's cheap and it's cute.


And I love the little trinkets that they have - the two that I just bought were under $5 each. Nothing that I'll lose sleep over.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hermes #1

My very first Hermes scarf was acquired at a time when I was desperately in need of some (a LOT) of retail therapy. I originally went on with the intention of getting a scarf to frame, specifically, the Sichuan scarf. It was listed, but I hesitated, and it got snapped up by someone else. Then I saw the Jardins de Nouvelle Angleterre, and  "settled" for it instead.

And I'm glad that I did, because it turned out to be absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous
(And the Sichuan scarf got relisted and has been in stock ever since. I've never seen mine online anymore)


"Luxurious vegetation, between abundance and abandonment, symbolises the meeting of Old England, and New, in America: a mixture of wild nature, such as existed before the arrival of the colonists, and a nature discreetly tamed, such as is designed in English gardens. A little idyllic valley with charming painted clapboard cottages appears within a medallion of foliage. The gardens, refined and rustic, mingle native plants, tropical species and flowers from Europe. Sheltered there are several animal species, hummingbirds, squirrels and racoons, fauna and flora intermingling in an atmosphere of tranquil happiness"

- designed by Laurence Bourthoumieux

And it was appropriate too, as I live in New England, and my dream is to have a little cottage somewhere with rambling roses and an English garden. To this day, it remains to be my favourite scarf.

I haven't dared to frame it yet, after hearing so many cautionary tales about fading and stretching. Plus, I wanted to have the option of being able to wear it too. Now that I have my scarf ring, I'm hoping that I'll do justice to it, instead of letting it sit in its box, pretty as it is.

I love how it's able to take a basic boring dark outfit like this:


And H it up, giving some life and individuality into the final output.

With Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini bag in Dove Gray

Monday, May 09, 2011


My scarf ring is here, and it's a perfect match for my very first Hermes scarf.

Mai Tai Grande scarf ring with Hermes' Jardins de Nouvelle Angleterre

The waterfall knot has been one that I've been itching to try, but I wasn't sure if it'll turn out ok with a 90 Carré


I think I like it =)

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Some Things Every Girl Should Have...

In their closet...

1) Classic trench coat

Image from

Who can forget the fabulous Holly Golightly (her dubious career aside)?


Eventually, I would love to be able to get a Burberry trench, but for now, my Banana Republic one serves quite well as a placeholder (wrinkles and all)

2) Black high-waisted pencil skirt


This is probably highly dependent on the body type, but I love my pencil skirts. Of course, post-baby, my waistline has somewhat become less defined, but my favorite skirt still manages to give the illusion of it being smaller than what it is, and therefore, resulting in  more curvy me =)

3) A sewing kit


Not quite what was expected, huh?!
I really believe that this is something that a girl should keep at her desk at work, or in her bag, for those "what if" moments - case in point, I used it yesterday, when the handy work I did on reducing the slit length of the skirt (so that it was work-appropriate) started unraveling.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I spent Monday night rearranging my sewing room and I always seem to have trouble with the "finishing". I am fairly comfortable putting the big pieces together, but when it comes to integrating the little details that ties it all together (such as artwork,various tschotskes, etc to make things interesting and more personable) And it's the same with my outfits - I can pull the top, bottom, footwear and bags together well enough, but the accessories? Not so much.

I love the idea of wearing scarves, but for some reason, when it comes down to it, it's difficult for me to figure a way to integrate it into the actual outfit. It's probably hindered even more by the limited amount of ways I know/can tie it

Scarf - Le Pégase d'Hermès

This would look so much better if the scarf is tied in a big twist wrap knot. So I finally bit the bullet and got a scarf ring from MaiTai that would hopefully open a whole new world of opportunities up for me to in terms of scarf usage.