Sunday, February 17, 2013

Age Appropriate

Love this jacket...This is a look that I feel is more suited to my age and life circumstance. 

 photo b18af888-4714-4444-8f6c-e2b085e3dc60.jpg  

Do I wear it often? No.
Because in my mind, when I think about age, the knee-jerk reply is that I am not much older than the college kid me -- albeit a bit better dressed and financially more stable than when I was really that age.

Am I a tad obsessed with age? Yep.

Sweater - Old Navy
Tank - H&M
Blazer - J.Crew Tipped Hacking Jacket 
Jeans - Joe's 
Shoes - J.Crew Mona Two-Tone Patent Mary Janes 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Put A Sock In It!

I am crap at hair.

But I aspire to be better.

 I prefer my hair up. Doesn't quite suit me as much as it being down, but the trade-off is me potentially being irritable from having it in my face, and that's just not so fun.

Being able to put my hair up into a sleek chignon is on my list of "Things to Learn in 2013"

My stumbling block is the fact that my hair is very thick and heavy. The instructions on tutorials that says to stick a bobby pin into the updo to hold it in place just doesn't work for me. Unless that bobby pin is on steroids, I will most likely have to put in at least 20 for that one used for "normal" hair.  And I don't have that many bobby pins in my house.

Enter the sock bun:

 photo 108c51d7-6d0e-4e7b-a903-af5d72daa179.jpg

It is perfect for a casual messy type bun that doesn't quite emphasize the fact that I have flat head. 
(Honest. I don't know if it my genes, or for the fact that I was dropped on my head as a child. But I thank God that my daughter has that beautifully curved profile that is typical of Caucasians - one of the rare plus points that was inherited from her dad...HAH!)

Tons of tutorials available on YouTube (what did people do before the Internet?) -- I used this one.

My hair is slightly past my shoulders, which accounts for the extra messiness of it all (level of skill, or the lack of, probably accounts for it too) -- the longer the hair, the sleeker it would be, I believe.