Tuesday, December 03, 2013

J.Crew Everly Cap Toe Pumps - Review of Sorts

I needed a filler for my order of hats for an upcoming (TROPICAL!) trip, so I included J.Crew's Everly cap toe pumps with patent bow (goodness, that is a mouthful) into the cart.
 Jcrew Everly cap toe pumps with patent bow - black suede Review photo IMG_5106_zps1d305c78.jpg 
Ordered in a size 8, it was a perfect fit.
Made out of suede with a patent cap, I expected the cap-toe to be more brilliant/reflective as shown on the site. In real life, it is more subdued -- I would say it is more brass/bronze than gold.

They are comfortable enough, and are definitely lady-like chic

I still wasn't completely bowled over -- there was just something that I wasn't satistifed with. I had my Manolo Blahnik BB's out at the time and made the mistake had the insight to compare the two.

Manolo Blahnik BBs vs JCrew Everly photo IMG_5109_zps90436186.jpg

The Everly is about a 1/2 inch shorter than the BB's...and my, what a difference that 1/2 inch makes.
(Side by side, it is apparent that the suede on the Manolos is superior to the JCrews)

Jcrew Everly cap toe pumps with patent bow - black suede photo IMG_5115_zps8c6ced68.jpg Manolo Blahnik BBs in blue suede photo IMG_5117_zpsad3d0d28.jpg

Additionally, the cut in the front is different - lower on the Everly than the BB's.

J.Crew Everly:

Manolo Blahnik BB's:

 photo d0020041-08c9-40fa-8497-254a917fee14_zpsf0af33b8.jpg  Manolo Blahnik BBs in blue suede photo 94e4bf15-b696-43c0-b0e4-d9e046aca0c5_zpsb881ac72.jpg

I don't know about you, but when I wear heels, especially those that can be categorized as special-function shoes, I expect the shoes to provide me with the illusion that my legs are better than what they are (tone, length, etc - although granted, they have a LOT to work on, seeing as my legs are essentially tree stumps)

The Everlys simply do not check the boxes on those criteria. But to be fair, they are a TON more comfortable than the BB's (and not to mention a ton more comfortable on the purse strings).

Sadly, I do believe in the saying "no pain, no gain".

So....for those who are not as masochistic as I am, the Everlys are beautiful shoes that are comfy, well made and definitely chic. For those who prefer to have a sleeker looking silhouette, and don't mind the toe-pinching, foot-numbing pain, then by all means, the BB's it is.

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