Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Jolly Green Pants

There is something about flowy clothes that have the ability to make one look taller and slimmer.

 photo 68afef18-04b2-45db-9c0a-96a03334479a.jpg 
And what on earth is hanging around my neck? Oh, only my most favorite-est scarf at the moment...

Wait, it's a scarf. 

No, a shawl!
 photo 84d6d53a-397b-4ada-a39c-5d3e96e68eda.jpg 
Works excellent as a blanket too.

Even a skirt, or a dress, if one gets creative.

Love it.

Tank - H&M
Pants - Saint Grace
 (anyone remember these? The totally in-thing from perhaps 6 years ago. All because Jessica Simpson wore them. She had some great style back in those days)

Scarf - American Apparel Unisex Circle Scarf
Wedges - Aldo
Bracelets - Forever21 

1 comment:

Lisa said...

ahhh love it! I agree something about flowy makes you seem ultra chic and tall and thin!!!! those pants look SUPER fabulous on you!!