Friday, May 03, 2013

J.Crew Chambray Shirts - Review of Sorts

I've been on a low-buy so far this year for fashion related items. I have been limiting my purchases, and when I do buy something, I try to get items that will get a lot of wear. As much as I love a twirly, lacey party frock, I really don't go anywhere to wear it to....Getting all dolled up for my monthly Costco run seems a tad fancy...

I've been wanting to get my hands on a chambray shirt for awhile, and recently, I saw that J.Crew had a 30% off discount code for cardmembers via Gigi's blog. So yay!

I ordered two to compare and contrast

JCrew Keeper Chambray Shirt photo dc32f9e2-fee4-4e5b-a675-58a559e53d5e.jpg

The pros:

- The fit is good and is true to size.
- The material is substantial, but not too thick, like some of the shirts I found in Forever21
(although, in their defense, those were denim shirts)

JCrew Keeper Chambray Shirt photo 58919b88-78d8-47e0-a515-c9d57e8f5be4.jpg

The not-so-pros:

- The color is slightly too blue for what I was looking for
- The button on the arm of the sleeve looks a tad funny to me when the sleeves are let down
- And it looks silly to me anyway when the sleeves are buttoned up -- I think the material is a tad too thick to be able to have it buttoned up like that, and look like it was nonchalantly done
 (which is how I like it to look -- I'm a female -- I want what I want, and exactly when and how I want =p)
  photo 93cdda20-66a8-4e9d-bb18-9947e67a15e6.jpg 

Overall, not too terrible, but the buttons were a deal breaker for me. It is going back to the store

Hahaha...nerd alert!

JCrew Faded Chambray Popover photo 18f5f9ba-e2ab-4ac7-be53-a3091fff4308.jpg
The pros:
- The fit is not bad, and it is true to size
 (was slightly worried that it would be too small as I like my shirt slightly looser, but it is fine -- I won't say no if there's an inch extra around the hips, but that's just me being lazy and not following up on my yoga)
- I like the color -- it is a pale...well...faded blue. Just like the name implies =)
- The material is substantial enough

The not-so-pros:

- The buttons are cheap. Feels cheap, looks cheap. May even be on the verge of popping off
- It is a popover. Not as versatile as a buttoned down shirt
I prefer this over the Keeper shirt, but I am not quite sure it is worth the $. (See? I am being conscientious with my money this year!Oh, how I am growing up!) 

I may pop over to Old Navy to see what they have to offer. Until then (or until I run out of clean clothes to wear), this is on the "maybe" pile. 

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