Monday, January 28, 2013

Red Lipsticks

Most often, I would buy variations of items that I love.

For beauty, that would be brown/nude eyeshadows, black eyeliner, and red lipsticks.

I have a healthy amount of lipsticks. They are my go-to section when I am overcome with need to make an impulse beauty purchase. And because I usually gravitate towards the drugstore brands, it isn't so hard on the wallet.

Lipstick storage in Muji drawer photo IMG_4051_zps79d8f514.jpg
 Majority of my current lipstick collection

The best red for me veers towards the brighter side. Simply because my skin tone is towards the darker end for being a Chinese/Asian (milky white skin that looks like porcelain is the ideal), putting on a darker lip color tends to make me look a bit too gothy for my taste.

Revlon, Covergirl, MAC red lipstick swatches photo RevlonCovergirlMACredlipstickswatches_zps564425b2.jpg

But there are some exceptions, as I found out simply by trying it out once in a while...

darker red lipstick swatches - revlon, covergirl, MAC photo darkerredlipstickswatches-revloncovergirlMAC_zps7fd9a3b5.jpg  
My collection of deeper red lipsticks

Covergirl Lip Perfection in Everlasting Immortal - My latest impulse purchase that is currently 50% off at CVS. I had a coupon for $1.50 off, making it a grand total of $2.65. It is a brighter version of my favorite long-lasting deeper red, the CoverGirl Outlast in Timeless Ruby. Long wear, not budge-proof, however.

Covergirl Outlast in Timeless Ruby - Hands down one of my most favorite lipstick that I have. It is a gorgeous color that instantly makes me look more chic, it is long-wearing, fantastically budge-proof, it is easy to apply and control, and I got it also for 50% off.

Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet - I want to like this, but the shade is definitely teetering on the edge of being a flattering shade on me, to making me look like I am an undead. Especially if I wear black eyeliner as well. If my complexion was fairer, it would probably be beautiful. This is the darkest lip color I have.

MAC Viva Glam I - My very FIRST red lipstick ever. I remember going to the MAC counter a few years ago, a few months after the break of my marriage when I was still feeling woebegone and  vulnerable. I wanted to make a change to my appearance--do something I've always wanted to try but never dared before...typically, the kneejerk response for women is to get a haircut, but since I'm pretty much an old pro when faced with bad hair decisions (I do cut my own hair after all), it was to the makeup counter I went. Now that I have a whole host of other options to choose from, I haven't used this lipstick in awhile. I think that it is actually too dark for me anyway. But I believe that this is the one lipstick that I will always keep, as a reminder for when faced with adversity, and when feeling like your whole world has been rocked off its axis, that all one has to do is to be brave (and rational) enough to change with it. Live and adapt is pretty much my motto these days. 

bright red lipstick swatches for Asians - nyx, mac, revlon, lancome photo brightredlipstickswatchesforAsians-nyxmacrevlonlancome_zps7ef406c9.jpg 
My collection of bright reds

MAC Ruby Woo - A matte, true red lipstick. I like it, but for the fact that it is not budge-proof. It will color-transfer to anything that it touches. Not a good thing for someone who has a habit of resting her disposable coffee cup lid on her chin when thinking at work.And then sit through a meeting with her manager with a red stain on her chin. ALWAYS LOOK AT A MIRROR!

NYX Chic Red - My favorite true red. It is easy to apply, has a matte finish, long-wearing and is budge-proof.

Lancome Rouge in Love Sequence of Love (170N) - My favorite bright red, although I don't wear it often. The finish is shinier than the NYX. It is a long-wear lipstick which is good, as it annoys me to look in the mirror at the end of the day and see only a staining on my lips, like I've gone through a looong night and am walking the walk of shame. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart - It's ok. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of these lip butters---not to the point where it is in my absolute must have list. It is moisturizing though, so that's a pro. 

Revlon Colorstay in Coral - The Colorstays were my original go-to lipsticks. The color is beautiful, a good dupe for the one used in J.Crew catalogs (they use NARS Heat Wave, I think). But I don't know..I just don't reach for it much anymore. Long-wear

Bombshell lip gloss in Hot Mess - This came in my December Glam Bag -- Love the color...although it does wear off relatively quickly, and reapplication is a must (to avoid said walk-of-shame image mentioned above) But it is easy to swipe on and go. Lipglosses always are more foolproof than lipsticks.

MAC lip pencil in Cherry - Originally purchased to wear with MAC Wicked Ways (the Cruella deVil lipstick from the Venomous Villains collection), it is my magic lip pencil that can be used with any one of the above mentioned lipsticks -- blending is required with some pairings, but for the most part, it does the job. So I don't have to purchase a dozen variations of red. Which makes it a little cheaper when I impulse shop.

Friday, January 25, 2013


It has been COLD this past week here in New England. My hands ache when I step outside, even with gloves on.

There's nothing I like more than being able to stay in the warmth of my own home (preferably in the comfort of my pajamas and bathrobe), with a good stack of books from the library, and cups upon cups of steaming hot milky tea. Or soy cappuccinos. Or diet Coke Lime...

But...since that's not possible majority of the time...Leggings are my lifesaver. 
Especially J.Crew's Pixie pants. 
I've hemmed and hawed about buying them for the longest time, but have finally taken the plunge during one of the last rounds of 30% off promotions that J.Crew had last year, knowing that it'll well into the 2nd half of the new year before they'd offer something similar for regular-priced merchandise.

JCrew Boy shirt, pixie photo JCrewBoyshirtpixie_zps75eadac1.jpg

Shirt - J.Crew Boy shirt in Colorblock Oxford
Sweater - Forever21
Pants - D-Signed from Target (Juniors section)
Boots - Target
Necklace - H&M

And then I thought I found a good dupe in the aisles of Target's junior section prior to the pants arriving, and convinced myself that these $16 pair will do the trick.

In the end....I kept both. (Sucker)
The pixie pants are my preferred pair. Because the material is thicker, and attracts less lint that the Target pair. But the Target pair are cute too, with zippers on the ankles and full pants details like belt loops, pockets, etc.

J.Crew Boy shirt photo JCrewBoyshirt_zps79962db9.jpg 

Random note: Am I the only weird one who tilts her head completely sideways in order to read the titles of the books when they are lined upright on shelves?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Glam Bag -- January 2013

I finally joined the bandwagon and joined a monthly makeup "club" in December last year

I chose one that was created by Michelle Phan, YouTube beauty guru extraordinaire called GlamBags..or perhaps it's called Ipsy....hmm...I'm not really sure, but the site name is

 I liked my December glambag, but the January Glam bag blows it away...

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Makeup bag - Every month's offerings will come packaged in a make-up bag. There'll be different bags every month. This one has a pretty blue star lining -- nothing ridiculously special, but my daughter is thrilled to have a new bag to play with

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter - Smells. SO. GOOD!!!! Omg, I can't stop smelling my hands. Love.
**Retails $7**

Nailtini nailpolish in Frappe- this is a full size product -- got it in a gorgeous milky pale orange-popsicle shade (edit - goes on like a sheer pale pink actually...I am apparently color blind) called Frappe
 **Retails $13**

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play - it's hairspray...I don't really use hair products, so I wouldn't know how much this will be used. But it's a good size.
**Retails ~ $6**

Josie Maran Argan Oil - I was really excited about this one and have been wanting to try it for a long time now but have never taken the plunge.(although now that I have the actual stuff in front of me, I am pretty excited about the lotion -- gosh, I LOVE the scent..and I'm not even a fan of citrus. It smells so orange frozen yogurt...I'm noticing a theme here) 

Soho Beauty Eyeliner Brush -  I believe that there were different brushes that was sent out, so it is the luck of the draw which type you get -- I'm running out of my liquid eyeliner and was looking for a replacement ... but I have a cream eyeliner that comes in a pot that I've hardly use because I didn't have a brush (didn't like the free one that came with it) so this may be the best way for me to start using it. Excited to try.
**Retails $8**

Definitely very happy with my bags so far.

Looking forward to February!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013



Shirt - MNG
Jacket - Anthropologie Maude Velvet Jacket
Jeans - Forever21
Boots - Target
Necklace - J.Crew outlet 
The jacket caught my eye when I was in Anthropologie a few months ago - It is a luscious, deep-blue velvety coat that reminds me of riding jackets that ladies would wear back in the days when the only proper way a lady would ride a horse is via a sidesaddle.

But I resisted, telling myself that perhaps it'll go on sale. 

After all, how many people have English equestrian style inclinations running in their minds anyway?

 And especially after seeing the God-awful styling that they've loaded up for the jacket in their online site, I knew that it is just a matter of time until it is listed in the sale section.

Lo and behold...with an additional 30% off too.
 (although current sale price online now is even lower than what I paid with the 30% off...but they are out of size 0s)

I got it in a size 0 -- It is slightly roomy, but as there doesn't seem to be a size 00 available, it will do. I may nip it in a little with my sewing machine if I'm feeling industrious, but more than likely, it will remain as is.  


Friday, January 04, 2013

Bailey 44 Dress - Review

I first came to notice Bailey 44's column dresses after seeing it on a sales associate at my local Anthropologie store. She looked so put together that I was almost green with envy. She was probably in her early 40s, but in better shape than I am, so I assumed that the dress would probably not look so flattering on me.

 After reading numerous reviews online regarding their dresses, it seems that it may be one of those miracle dresses that will look good on anyone, regardless of size.

The tinsel stripe column dress went in the sale section after Christmas, with an additional 30% off and it was at a price point that I was willing to buy it at.I am wearing a size small (mainly because the XS have already sold out by the time I was ready to checkout)...I am typically a size 0.

The dress is meant to cling to ones curves, but comfortably so.
Because this is a size larger on me, it skims rather than clings, so I probably won't feel obligated to workout for a week prior to wearing it out
(which may or may not be a good thing, depending on what viewpoint one is looking from)

Bailey 44 tinsel stripe column dress - anthropologie

(The photos are taken at a slight upward angle, so my hips are probably displayed at more prominently that it really is when looking straight on)

The material is soft and stretchy, the length is just where I like it (which means it may be a tad too long for other 5'4"ers - I do prefer pencil-shaped silhouette to reach just past my knees) and it probably could be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Printed Pants

I've always been disappointed that J.Crew's Cafe Capri pants were never for me -- they have tons of colors and prints and a lot of them usually end up in the sale section with very encouraging prices. But...because they make me look like a squat dumpling, I stay away from them.


I do try them on from time to time, to see if my luck has turned. But as a palm reader once told me...."You don't have much luck...stay away from gambling". And apparently J.Crew Cafe Capris.

BUT...I did find a pair of ankle pants that (finally) suits me
(I've never been too sure about how flattering the Minnies are on me...but I keep wearing them anyway)


Sweater - Uniqlo
Pants - Mossimo Printed Ankle Pants from Target
Shoes - J.Crew Cap Toe Etta 
Jewelry - Forever21

They fill the need that I have for the printed Cafe Capri pants and the Minnie bi-stretch wool in Cabernet all in one go. And I think these actually give the perception that I have lean legs (which I don't -- stocky calves and all)

And they were only $25.


I'm wearing the smallest size available (size 2) and it is roomy around the waist/hips (if the waist was nipped in about a half inch, they would be perfect). And this is before my ambitious resolution to amp up my (non-existent) workout regime.

I'm going to toss them into the dryer and see if that manages to shrink it slightly...if not, I may bust out my sewing machine. Or...I may just continue to wear a belt with it.

Either way....