Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hot Pink Tassels!

As mentioned here, I did indeed stop by Old Navy to check out their selection of chambray shirts. 

It is a no-go.
The colors are too blue, similar to the J.Crew Keeper Chambray. And the sizing...I forget that I have a hard time with Old Navy sizing. 
The smallest size just doesn't fit right (too big in some areas, slightly too short in others)

However...the girls' XL is a good fit =) 

So much for trying to dress more appropriately for my age

 photo 65e94e52-bed5-43e3-adf2-26374d8dfd36.jpg

Dress - Old Navy Girls Tassel-Sleeve Dress
Sandals - Target

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Julia said...

Can I buy your tassel dress from you?