Thursday, November 17, 2011

May I Take Your Order?

I feel like I look like a waiter here....


With a very expensive scarf, that is.


Who snuck into the ladies' bathroom after her shift to snap a picture of her outfit.

Shirt, Pants - Gap (50% off during 2010 Black Friday sales)
Scarf - Hermes - Le Pégase d'Hermès
Scarf ring - it's an actual ring that's too big for me now. I guess my fingers lost weight. hahahahha
Bag - J.Crew Edie purse (25% off)
Flats - Delman (from Gilt)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Seeing Red

I have been stalking J.Crew for the better half of this year, wanting and lusting. Finally, a week ago, I got an email saying they were offering a 25% off coupon code, and I couldn't turn it down.


An item that I've been on the fence over is the Edie purse in Flame (bright red). 
I'm fascinated with fashion from yesteryears. One of my must-see TV shows these days is ABC's Pan Am. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And this bag reminds me of those days.


Blazer - H&M
Turtleneck, jeans - Forever21
Pumps - Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pumps (40% off)
Bag - J.Crew 'Edie' in Flame (25% off)
However, I'm still not quite convinced of it - is it too old-fashioned? And being one who's used to big bags, I have to really clean out and decide what is absolutely a necessity.

Seriously, how do people manage to feel comfortable with so little stuff?!