Monday, May 20, 2013

I Ran Out of Clean Clothes =)

Well, not really. But it is a throwback to the last words from my review of the shirt

I dislike wearing baggy/non-form-fitting tops with skirts that do not keep the top tucked in tight. 
This is an example.
Jcrew faded chambray popover, double serge pencil skirt photo image-12.jpg

Makes me feel sloppy especially when the shirt pulls out more than the 1.5 inch that I like
 (I am being facetious here, but you get the idea - there's a line where it transitions from perfectly laid-back baggy to tuck-your-shirt-in, you-slop!)

Jcrew faded chambray popover, double-serge pencil skirt photo image-11.jpg

Shirt - J.Crew Faded Chambray Popover 
Skirt - J.Crew No.2 pencil skirt in double-serge  cotton (last year's color)

Sandals -Mossimo "Falk" from Target
(totally do NOT get this because the cotton striped soles - which was the reason why i got them. Can't say no to stripes -got super dirty quickly)

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