Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Glam Bag -- January 2013

I finally joined the bandwagon and joined a monthly makeup "club" in December last year

I chose one that was created by Michelle Phan, YouTube beauty guru extraordinaire called GlamBags..or perhaps it's called Ipsy....hmm...I'm not really sure, but the site name is ipsy.com

 I liked my December glambag, but the January Glam bag blows it away...

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Makeup bag - Every month's offerings will come packaged in a make-up bag. There'll be different bags every month. This one has a pretty blue star lining -- nothing ridiculously special, but my daughter is thrilled to have a new bag to play with

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter - Smells. SO. GOOD!!!! Omg, I can't stop smelling my hands. Love.
**Retails $7**

Nailtini nailpolish in Frappe- this is a full size product -- got it in a gorgeous milky pale orange-popsicle shade (edit - goes on like a sheer pale pink actually...I am apparently color blind) called Frappe
 **Retails $13**

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play - it's hairspray...I don't really use hair products, so I wouldn't know how much this will be used. But it's a good size.
**Retails ~ $6**

Josie Maran Argan Oil - I was really excited about this one and have been wanting to try it for a long time now but have never taken the plunge.(although now that I have the actual stuff in front of me, I am pretty excited about the lotion -- gosh, I LOVE the scent..and I'm not even a fan of citrus. It smells so creamy...like orange frozen yogurt...I'm noticing a theme here) 

Soho Beauty Eyeliner Brush -  I believe that there were different brushes that was sent out, so it is the luck of the draw which type you get -- I'm running out of my liquid eyeliner and was looking for a replacement ... but I have a cream eyeliner that comes in a pot that I've hardly use because I didn't have a brush (didn't like the free one that came with it) so this may be the best way for me to start using it. Excited to try.
**Retails $8**

Definitely very happy with my bags so far.

Looking forward to February!

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