Friday, January 25, 2013


It has been COLD this past week here in New England. My hands ache when I step outside, even with gloves on.

There's nothing I like more than being able to stay in the warmth of my own home (preferably in the comfort of my pajamas and bathrobe), with a good stack of books from the library, and cups upon cups of steaming hot milky tea. Or soy cappuccinos. Or diet Coke Lime...

But...since that's not possible majority of the time...Leggings are my lifesaver. 
Especially J.Crew's Pixie pants. 
I've hemmed and hawed about buying them for the longest time, but have finally taken the plunge during one of the last rounds of 30% off promotions that J.Crew had last year, knowing that it'll well into the 2nd half of the new year before they'd offer something similar for regular-priced merchandise.

JCrew Boy shirt, pixie photo JCrewBoyshirtpixie_zps75eadac1.jpg

Shirt - J.Crew Boy shirt in Colorblock Oxford
Sweater - Forever21
Pants - D-Signed from Target (Juniors section)
Boots - Target
Necklace - H&M

And then I thought I found a good dupe in the aisles of Target's junior section prior to the pants arriving, and convinced myself that these $16 pair will do the trick.

In the end....I kept both. (Sucker)
The pixie pants are my preferred pair. Because the material is thicker, and attracts less lint that the Target pair. But the Target pair are cute too, with zippers on the ankles and full pants details like belt loops, pockets, etc.

J.Crew Boy shirt photo JCrewBoyshirt_zps79962db9.jpg 

Random note: Am I the only weird one who tilts her head completely sideways in order to read the titles of the books when they are lined upright on shelves?


Laura Isaacs said...

1) no I tilt my head sideways to read books too... I also do it when I write. hah.

2) I LOVE this whole outfit! you look great!

Lisa said...

ahh love this outfit so cute!! i live in leggings hahaha :p i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE love your necklace!!! so us a closeup pleaaaaase :p

bagfashionista said...

thanks, laura, lisa

Laura -- i am glad that i'm not the only "odd" one who does that...always feel like i get strange looks in bookstores/libraries!