Thursday, April 19, 2012


I LOVE blazers. I think it has to do with growing up in a tropical country where the most one gets to wear is a thin cardigan before others start thinking that one is a loon.

And I love that J.Crew has been doing a lot of Chanel-inspired jackets in tweed. The only annoying thing is that they are not really that cheap (although much MUCH cheaper than Chanel) and they get snapped up really quick when it goes on sale.


I saw this particular jacket in person for the first time when I was in Austin, Texas, visiting my brother. He called it an old lady jacket. Hah. 

I love the detailing on the back

I didn't end up buying it that time, even though it was on sale plus an additional 30% off, but a month later, I couldn't stop thinking about it and ended up getting the store to do a charge send. 

Jacket - Jcrew Fanfare in Peacock
Shirt - JCrew outlet
Jeans - Forever21
Flats - JCrew outlet
Clutch - Balenciaga


Katherine said...

I love this jacket! And you got it for a nice price too :)

phiphis blog said...

twins! i love how you styled this!! xox