Saturday, April 07, 2012

Blazers and Jumbos

After almost a whole week of slumping it, I finally picked my act together and got dressed properly.

This reminds me of a question: Do you shop for your real or imaginery life? 
Blazer and Chanel Jumbo

I would like to say that I shop for my intended life. But to look a certain way takes effort, and sometimes, it's more energy than I have (especially when the weather is cold and miserable) 

But when I do take the extra 5 minutes (or 15) to go through the motions, it results in a peppier and generally more productive self. Plus, the compliments don't hurt either ;)

Blazer: Gap
Top/tunic: bought from Australia
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Chanel Jumbo in Beige Clair caviar leather


phiphis blog said...

i love how eerily similar our closets are!!! we are jumbo twins! :D love your style - and i shop for a real life with a dash of imaginary.

bagfashionista said...

and you know i adore your outfits =)

my imaginary would be my pretty little dresses that i have absolutely no where to wear to... but i am working on adapting them to workwear...will see how that works out!