Saturday, December 15, 2012

J.Crew Stadium-Cloth Duffle Coat - Review

There's lots of talk about how this winter is going to SUCK.

And being the born-and-raised-in-the-tropics kinda girl, I don't like the cold. 
 I like the coats, but I don't like the cold.

I've been eyeing several coats at J.Crew but have given myself a stern talking to about not buying any until they reach a certain price point. One of them was the Stadium-Cloth Duffle Coat in Navy

A few weeks ago, it was placed on sale and there was an additional 30% off on top of it. I bit the bullet. (good thing too, because it was reverted back to full price after that week and still is right now)

JCrew Stadium Cloth Duffle Coat 
Touted to be one of their warmest wool coat:

"Crafted in our stadium-cloth—a compact, high-density wool that adds tremendous warmth without the bulk, inspired by old-school stadium blankets and made just for us by Italy's famed Nello Gori mill."

It has withstand quite well in the past few weeks, when I'd be outside wearing only a thin layer under the coat. (temps were not ridiculously cold though - no lower than the 30s) I'm unsure if it is warmer than a puffer, necessarily, but it definitely looks a lot sleeker. But it definitely feels warmer than my other wool coats (Factory Peacoat and Factory Lady Day Coat).

JCrew Stadium Cloth Duffle Coat Navy

The pockets are fantastically huge, allowing me to put my wallet, cellphone and keys into it when I'm running out for a quick errand and am too lazy to lug around my bag.

Another plus is that I think it goes with both jeans AND skirts -- the Lady Day coat is too fussy/dressed up for me to like to wear with jeans. 

And I absolutely LOVE the burst of color that comes from the neon striped piping...It's like a dose of cheer in the middle of the gloom that are the winter months.

I took a size 0, which is my normal size

Will still be looking out for the Wintress Puffer to go on sale though, for those REALLY cold days.


Jenny said...

Wish I am your size !haha!must be dreaming!

Unknown said...

Love the coat on you!

Thanks for the review