Friday, December 14, 2012

Back to Basics - J.Crew Classic

Ever had one of those days where you don't remember whether you've turned off the heater/curling iron/stove/other items that will potentially burn your house down?

Had one of those this week. Of course, the heater/curling iron/stove/other always is turned off. Which makes the journey back to the house all the more annoying, and unnecessary. But better safe than sorry.

JCrew No2 Pencil Skirt Spicy Gold

Turtleneck - Forever21
Skirt - J.Crew No.2 Double-Serge Wool in Spicy Gold
Tights - Target (I think...)
Booties - Sam Edelman
Necklace - J.Crew

This is what I call the quintessential J.Crew look - one of my favorites, actually. Classic, with a subtle edge from the statement necklace; demure and covered up, but with subtle...enticing qualities. =)
The skirt is from this year's Fall release -- I feel like the cut this year (or perhaps it's just for this color, or perhaps it's just MY particular skirt -- who knows, with the quality issues that J.Crew has) is slightly more constricting -- I have to take smaller steps because, well...the skirt kinda restricts normal/large strides. The fabric feels thinner as well. 

But the overall cut is still superb for my body type. Still a staple. And still lusting after the Vivid Jade. I far prefer the wool versus the cotton version. 

And because I find it amusing to see the amount of lip products that accumulates in my's a shot of what currently is in my Cerf tote:

Wearing Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Natural Pink, which basically gives a nude/neutral lip

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