Saturday, December 08, 2012

Cold Essentials

Now that it is December, it is inevitable that the cold and flu bugs will start knocking on your doors.
May as well be prepared for it with some things that will make it all a little more comfortable

Flu Essentials

1) Start with nice pajamas...I have been lusting over J Crew's vintage sleepwear in Navy for awhile now, but have never taken the plunge because I was always distracted by something else. So regrets I had, when I battled the darn cold dressed in my old Juicy sweats and random free t-shirts that I have lying around the house.

2) And bring a little cheer to endless trips to the sink (to hack up the phlegm) by slipping into childish but adorable slippers. I personally have the raccoon versions, but the pigs were a close contender.

3) Soft tissues are a must, considering that even the softest tissues will feel like sandpaper on your poor nose after going through a whole box of them in a day. I find that Puffs is my favorite brand of tissue paper. Their adorable commercials make them even more of a favorite.
4) Whimsical mugs to sip your hot tea, hot coffee, hot toddy....

5) The air gets ri-dun-ku-lously dry at night. Humidifiers are a godsend to battle the dryness. Bought the elephant version for my daughter years ago...this is a new (more expensive) one

5) Good reads to pass the time away. I've never been much of a TV person -- if not for my daughter, I won't even have cable. Currently loving the gorgeous cover art of Mr. Boddington's Penguin Classics, Jane Eyre

6) And if possible, always have a soft, comfy, welcoming bed. Restoration Hardware's furniture are fantastic and the Empire Rosette Sleigh Bed is a dream come true.

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Lisa said...

love this post!! and i really really love those piggy slippers! omgosh so cute haha!!