Sunday, November 04, 2012

Effort -- and J.Crew Valentina Review

Ever have one of those days (weeks?) where you just feel bleh and bloated and that you'll never fit into your form-fitting clothes, so lets not even try?
And you end up wearing your ratty, shapeless sweats and feel even worse than before.

J.Crew Valentina Dusty Jade

I have to say, that it is ever more important to make an effort during those periods of time (hah...)

The lift in spirits I got just from knowing that I took the time and effort to take care of myself made the day seem a little brighter

J.Crew Valentina Patent in Dusty Jade

And turns out that the unflattering body image that was plaguing me was (mostly) in my head anyway
(my clothes fitted)

 So here's to making an effort with appearances --- it may be deemed to be a superficial, useless activity, but the boost to one's confidence, mood and happiness is not.

Shirt - Gap
Sweater - Forever21
Pants - J.Crew Minnie in black twill, regular sizing
Shoes - J.Crew Valentina in Dusty Jade
Necklace - J.Crew outlet
Bag - Chanel Cambon Tote


On another note, bought these pumps (another one that I was eyeing from J.Crew's Fall collection) during one of their 30% off sale. There was something weird going on the website that day, but I noticed that the pumps were coming up in my search of sale shoes, but the price tag was showing as the regular retail price. Just for ha-has, I decided to just try putting it into my cart and applying the online code for additional 30% off sale items. It worked. So I paid a little more over $100 even though it was listed as $238. Effort pays off.

J.Crew Valentina Patent Pumps in Dusty Jade 

I love the color of these shoes. And the fact that it actually visually elongated my usually wide/flat-looking feet (which are typically amplified by this style of shoes).

I am wearing my normal J.Crew shoe size -- it actually feels a half size large, but I think that worked to my benefit when wearing them out. The pointed toe may be too constricting if was any smaller. The patent is pretty stiff, so not sure how much softer it'll get with wear. 

But overall, love the demure silhouette of the shoe and at just 2 3/4" high, it will definitely fit in good with my weekend outfits as well.

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