Tuesday, October 16, 2012


J.Crew minnies, MNG peplum, Louboutin new declics

Jumping onto the peplum bandwagon (months later!)

I don't usually shop for clothing when I am back home in Kuala Lumpur as I usually feel like a humongous hippo in the midst of twiggy flamingo types but for some reason or other (vanity sizing has hit?), I actually fit into normal US sizes when I stopped by Spanish retailer Mango (MNG)

Made for a perfect outfit for a reunion type dinner with family while we were back in Kuala Lumpur


And it made for a lovely match with the jewelry, which is a gorgeous antique set made out of jade and diamonds. It belonged to my late grandmother and I was honored to borrow them from my mother. It was a present from my late grandmother to my mom when she turned 18(? or something like that...I don't remember) and it's now MINE! muahahahahaha!

Top - MNG Pants - j.Crew Minnies in black twill (regular size) Shoes - Christian Louboutin New Declics Clutch - Hollywould for Target Earrings and ring - grandmother's And I suppose the biggest compliment I got was from my daughter who said "Momma, when I am big, can I borrow these shoes? And that dress(top)? And that lipstick? And then I will be very pretty!" Awwwww....shucks!

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Elle from Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

Great look - love the jewellery too
Elle x