Saturday, May 07, 2011

Some Things Every Girl Should Have...

In their closet...

1) Classic trench coat

Image from

Who can forget the fabulous Holly Golightly (her dubious career aside)?


Eventually, I would love to be able to get a Burberry trench, but for now, my Banana Republic one serves quite well as a placeholder (wrinkles and all)

2) Black high-waisted pencil skirt


This is probably highly dependent on the body type, but I love my pencil skirts. Of course, post-baby, my waistline has somewhat become less defined, but my favorite skirt still manages to give the illusion of it being smaller than what it is, and therefore, resulting in  more curvy me =)

3) A sewing kit


Not quite what was expected, huh?!
I really believe that this is something that a girl should keep at her desk at work, or in her bag, for those "what if" moments - case in point, I used it yesterday, when the handy work I did on reducing the slit length of the skirt (so that it was work-appropriate) started unraveling.

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