Thursday, August 30, 2012

Listen Up, Class!

Having said that I have several schizophrenic style tendencies, the one that I tend to revert to most comfortably and most frequently is what I call my Classics look.


Quite simply, it involves pencils skirts, pearls and pumps. This is one where I pretend that perhaps I am a librarian, or in honor of back to school week, perhaps even a school teacher! A role that makes a difference to the community and that feeds my fascination with stationery.

J.Crew_Pencil_skirt in Natural

Top - J.Crew Back-zip Pullover
Belt - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Christian Louboutin


Lisa said...

hahah aww i love this post!!! the "classical" look LOOKS fantastic on you!! i love the pop of red w/ the loubies :)! and i absolutely heart j. crew too hehehe!

Jenny said...

You look real cool!