Saturday, March 31, 2012

Red Hot Chilli Pepper

I have been wanting a pair of non-black, non-blue, non-brown, non-gray pants for awhile now. But I have found that those non-colors have a tendency to make my stumpy legs look like stumpy sausages.

Flipping through the latest J.Crew catalog and mentally making up my "I WANT" list, I decided to try out the Minnie pants. Touted as the pants that will flatter everyone, I wondered if it included short stumpy me. 

JCrew, Louboutin, Chanel, JCrew Minnie Twill in Vibrant Flame, Louboutin New Declic, Chanel Cerf

I like them. They may not necessarily look the same as the darn model, but I think it's passable. And will be even more so once I finally work on fulfilling my promise to start up yoga and running sessions again!

Jcrew Minnie in Vibrant Flame

I ended up with a regular size 00. Typically a size 0 in skirts, the size 0 in these pants were slightly loose on the waist, and I was afraid that it will end up stretching out to baggy bums as the day wears on. 

The length hits right at my ankle (I'm about 5'4", with a longer torso). I am now curious on the petite sizing. 

This is probably the first time I bought something from J.Crew at full price, with no coupon code whatsoever. I got tired of waiting for one. I may end up getting the other colors if it goes on sale. 

Cardigan - J.Crew Factory
Shell - Talbots
Pants - J.Crew Minnie twill in Vibrant Flame
Shoes - Christian Louboutin New Declic 120mm in black kid leather
Bag - Chanel Cerf with GHW

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