Monday, March 19, 2012

Juliet and Vintage Matchstick Cords

A quick outfit of the day, since I had to run out at lunch time to collect this :


As I grow older, I start to dread wearing jeans, especially during the cold months, mainly because jeans have a tendency to shrink a tad bit and I really don't want to deal with anything tight.  I want warm, comfy, and soft clothes when I have to go out, and there are so many morning where I stand in front of my closet, bemoaning the fact that I can't stay in my Juicy velours. Out of fashion as they are, they are still extremely comfortable and soft.

The J.Crew vintage matchstick pants have come in so handy, that I wished I've bought more colors (Although my short stumpy legs resembled stuffed sausages in the lighter colors)

They are true to my regular jeans size.

Theory Juliet and Jcrew Vintage Cords

Sweater - Theory Juliet (infamous from Jessica Simpson's style years ago)
Pants - J.Crew Vintage Matchstick Cords (from outlet)
Flats - J.Crew Lulu leopard ballet flats (on sale here )
Bag - gift from an aunt from Malaysia

My granny purse that has seen some better days =)


Which wreaked havoc on my sweater due to the chain catching on the yarn. Gah.

It is a GORGEOUS day out today, and after collecting the package from the UPS pickup center, we veered towards the store where my daughter and I collectively acquired these in our cart:


Yum, Easter eggs.


Katherine said...

Mmm Easter candy! And lovely cords :)

Lisa said...

yay! i just got some easter candy today too hahaha.. i love your sweater the bell sleeves are so cute!