Friday, August 05, 2011

Movie Inspiration

I love sappy romantic comedies. Among my favorites are While You Were Sleeping, You've Got Mail and The Wedding Planner.

Typical chick.

In The Wedding Planner, Jennifer Lopez plays...well....a wedding planner. She's organized, anal, prepared, meticulous, put-together and have fabulous outfits. All the things I want to be. Well, only if you replace "anal" with "precise". I do not care for the fact that the story was really about an engaged man falling in love with another, but I suppose it happens enough in real life that I should just get used to it.


One of my favorite outfits was the red dress she wore during the tango scene. I LOVE that dress. I LOVE ballroom and Latin dances. And having Matthew McConaughottie (!) as your partner definitely bumps up "fun" factor. And there's something indescribably knee-melting about a guy who knows how to dance. Not the bump and grind stuff, but real dancing. 

I've been looking for a dress similar to that for awhile now. And I finally found one!

It is super twirly, the color is red-hot and I love it.
Happy birthday to me.


I Dream of Jeanie said...

do spill where you sot the dress from? its gorg!

chicology said...

It's a gorgeous dress! And you wear it so well too. :)

bagfashionista said...

thanks! The dress is from ASOS :)