Friday, June 01, 2012

One for the Money, Two for the Show...

"You can do anything, but lay off my blue suede shoes!"

I have a feeling that I'll be saying that a lot to get my daughter's grubby hands away from them


Manolo Blahnik BBs in blue suede
 I can feel an Elvis kick coming in =)

Check out that leg wiggle! 


Lisa said...

omggg loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! i just ordered a pair of blue suede shoes from neiman marcus last week when the S/S sales starter muahaha!! we must be on the same wave length!! i love yours.. the ones i ordered are almond toe.. but your pointed toe ones are GORGEOUS!!!

phiphis blog said...

YAY!!! shoe twins (what else is new! ahahahaha!) they are amazing you you!!! xox P

bagfashionista said...

lisa - almond toe sounds good too! it's the demure version!

phi - i followed you! =p i have to find something to spray on it to protect it though.

Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

I love your Manolos!! Can't walk in them to save my life but that doesn't stop me from drooling over them.