Sunday, February 17, 2013

Age Appropriate

Love this jacket...This is a look that I feel is more suited to my age and life circumstance. 

 photo b18af888-4714-4444-8f6c-e2b085e3dc60.jpg  

Do I wear it often? No.
Because in my mind, when I think about age, the knee-jerk reply is that I am not much older than the college kid me -- albeit a bit better dressed and financially more stable than when I was really that age.

Am I a tad obsessed with age? Yep.

Sweater - Old Navy
Tank - H&M
Blazer - J.Crew Tipped Hacking Jacket 
Jeans - Joe's 
Shoes - J.Crew Mona Two-Tone Patent Mary Janes 


Laura Isaacs said...

Dh got me that jacket for Christmas and I agree with you - it's one of the more mature items in my closet. But it looks great in you! (and as I push 30 I hear you on the age thing)

bagfashionista said... and i are on the same boat then, towards destination "30"...i am actually kinda looking forward to it, but just have to remind myself to dress accordingly as well!